retailCURe's common bond

Membership of retailCURe is restricted to an individual employed in retail. This is defined as working for a retailer, in retail manufacturing, retail wholesale distribution or in support services for retail.  Membership is open to anyone who follows an occupation in the following ‘Minor’ Group of the Office Of National Statistics’ Standard Occupational Classification:


  • 119: Managers and Directors in Retail and Wholesale
  • 125: Managers and Proprietors in Other Services
  • 247: Media Professionals
  • 321: Health Associate Professionals
  • 412: Administration
  • 541: Textile and garments trades
  • 542: Printing trades
  • 543: Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades
  • 544: Other skilled trades
  • 622: Hairdressing and related services
  • 711: Sales Assistants and Retail Cashiers
  • 712: Sales Related Occupations
  • 713: Sales Supervisors
  • 721: Customer Service Occupations
  • 722: Customer Service Managers and Supervisors
  • 821: Road Transport Drivers
  • 923: Elementary Cleaning Occupations
  • 924: Elementary Security Occupations
  • 925: Elementary Sales Occupations


Corporate members

Retailers themselves can become members and deposit up to £15,000 in a savings account with us. Contact us for more information.

Before you apply, please make sure you are:

  • eligible to join us (see these details above).  You will be asked to provide or upload evidence of this eligibility.  Please ensure you have this saved on your device before you start your application. Uploads must be 5Mb in size or less
  • living permanently in the United Kingdom
  • not already a member of retailCURe

You’ll also need:

  • address details for the last 3 years
  • your last payslip (if employed)
  • a valid email address and mobile phone number to help us send you important information about your account
  • you may need to provide us with your Bank or Building Society details (sort code and account number) if you wish to set up a regular savings payment

How do I resume a previously saved application?
During your retailCURe online application, please remember to save your progress on the application screen if you find that don't have all the information you need, or if you wish to finish it later.  You can then return to complete your application at a later date.  You can resume an application here.  You will need your application ID and password you chose when you saved your application.

If you have further questions please read our FAQs, or feel free to contact us.